Prices and Bookings information

All visits need to be pre- booked and food orders need to be paid in advance.. (phone 0723488346) Zapper or EFT are preferred


Entry fee -- R100 per person over 12

                     R50 per child 12 and under

Entry is valid between the hours of 9.00 am and 5.00 pm (except for special functions or arrangements)

This allows you to walk around the property (with some restricted areas), bring your own picnic and use one of the available picnic sites for no extra charge. 

Picnic sites can be requested for your party but this depends on availability.


Breakfast, snack and lunch platters can be ordered and preference for tables will go to visitors ordering food platters. (platter prices below)

The Tree House and Boma are suitable for larger groups and can be reserved for a minimum of 10 people (R1000) for the Tree House and 6 people (R600) for The Boma. Should a party of fewer people require these venues they would be charged the balance of the minimum payment. eg 4 people at the Boma would pay R100 entrance each plus an extra R50 each to make up to the minimum of R600

When booking the following information will be required-

  • Name of person making the booking

  • Contact number

  • Number of people  

  • Estimated arrival and departure times 

  • Choice of picnic site

    • Dam deck - (up to 4 people)

    • The Pool Deck (up to 4 people)

    • Cape Ash Forest table (up to 4 people)

    • Main Lawn (up to 10 people) 

    • Tree House (min price R1000 or 10 people) 

    • Boma (min price R600 or 6 people) 

By booking The Tree House (R1000) AND the Boma (R600) exclusive use of the garden (except for The Bird Hide cottage and Main House and immediate surrounds) could be available to your party.


Booking of the The Bird Hide self catering cottage as well will provide exclusive access to this additional facility for your party.  A minimum of two nights booking is required. (R2400) 

Food Platters




Prices are per head, but must be booked for a minimum of 2 people.

*Deluxe options include extra special items like prawns and fillet for a decadent experience.


Indemnity and Terms and conditions

By booking and visiting you accept full responsibility for yourself and all members of your party. There is open water on the property. No liability will be accepted by Tunzini Gardens owners or staff or anyone working on behalf of Tunzini Gardens for any loss or injury of whatsoever nature to persons or property.


This is a wildlife haven and all plants and animals are to be treated with respect. The site is tranquil and visitors are expected to adhere to this.


Strictly no noise, music or smoking is allowed.


Own picnics - everything you bring in, you must take out - leave no trace (BINS ARE NOT PROVIDED) 

Masks must be worn at all times (including while walking through the gardens) except while eating at the designated picnic sites. Your respect for others who share this space will be appreciated. 

Vervet Monkeys are resident and will take food at the slightest opportunity. Please be aware of this and ensure that no food is left unattended or with unattended children. 

Tunzini Gardens reserves the right to take any necessary action for any non-compliance with the spirit of the gardens. 

We trust you will enjoy your stay and appreciate the tranquility and ambiance of this piece of paradise. 

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